New global brand campaign

We Swiss have a lot of features the whole world knows of. And Americans appreciate them just as much as the Chinese or Australians. As the national airline of Switzerland these features – quality awareness, reliability or hospitality – are part of the SWISS DNA as well.

Our new global brand campaign boils all of this down to its essence and charmingly explains how we Swiss tick. The ads are based on the little big differences that distinguish SWISS from every other airline. Because when every airline offers more or less the same these little differences matter big time. That’s exactly where the strenght of SWISS lies.

Being the airline of Switzerland, nobody understands better how important details are. Throughout its history the country has proven time and time again how good it is at perfecting the little things. We didn’t invent the watch. But we perfected its production. The same goes for chocolate, cheese, democracy and even reliability. That’s why Switzerland stands for only the highest quality today. And so does SWISS. The new claim encapsules this promise perfectly:

Made of Switzerland.

The newly created design concept further supports the central theme. Unmistakably Swiss, the composition of the ads is inspired by timeless and classic Swiss design and typography. And the new imagery is characterized by tidy graphical backdrops and pictures. The campaign shows authentic and intimate moments of travellers.